Guitar & Keyboard (Advance) Classes In Sahibabad

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Best Guitar Classes In Sahibabad & Indirapuram
Guitar Classes In Sahibabad


We Provide Best Guitar , keyboard, indian classical music Classes In Sahibabad, Indirapuram, Vaishali, Shalimar Garden, Hindon Airforce, Gulmohar Greens, Raj Nagar Extension, Dilshard Garden, Shahdara, If Your Area Is Near By Please Call Us – 8882793033

Course Fees – 1400 For 8 Classes.

Teacher Experience10 Year

Course Duration 2year

Cetification Included

Our Main Branch Is In Sahibabad.

Musicgyan Student,s


  • No Speciall Skills Needed
  • Practice Cannot Be Avoided ( 30 Minute Daily) Minimum.
  • You Will Need A Guitar

Guitar Home Tuition Also Available in  In Sahibabad, Indirapuram, Vaishali, Shalimar Garden, Hindon Airforce, Gulmohar Greens, Raj Nagar Extension, Dilshard Garden, Shahdara, & Delhi Ncr.

Guitar Home Tuition Fees In This Near By Area 4,000 For 8 Classes.

(Fixed Price)

Guitar | keyboard Crash Course Available In Sahibabad

3 Month Crash Course

6 Month Crash Course

Crash Course For Those Who Want To Learn Guitar In Just Couple Of Month. 

Age Group – Anyone Can Learn.

Best Guitar Training Institute In Sahibabad

Learn Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Musicproduction, Music Theory

Guitar Course Structure


  1. First, Correct Way Of Holding Guitar.
  2. Guitar Parts Name
  3. Strings Name & Numbering.
  4. Tuning Your Guitar
  5. How To Tune Your Guitar
  6. Types Of Sound
  7. Total Music Notes
  8. How To Hold a Pick
  9. Fretting a Note Fret board
  10. Knowledge of the Fret board / Neck
  11. Notes on the Fret board & How To Learn Them Fast.
  12. Open Chords ( Major & Minor)
  13. How To Play Leads In Guitar.
  14. Cover 50 Basic Songs in Just 6 Months.
  15. How To Find Basic Leads In Guitar.
  16. 5 Types Of Strumming.
  17. Play Sargam From Anywhere.

Intermediate Guitarist

  1. Major and minor barr chords.
  2. How To Make Chords
  3. Formula Of Major Chords
  4. Formula Of Minor Chords
  5. Introduction To Chords Progression
  6. Major Chords Progression
  7. Minor Chords Progression
  8. Seventh Chords Introduction
  9. Suspended Chords Introduction
  10. Find Song Notes (Advance Formula)
  11. Learn How Songs Are Structured.
  12. Test 

Advance Course Structure

  1. The pentatonic scales in all positions.
  2. Advance Chords Progressions
  3. Advance Playing Skills
  4. Advance Scales
  5. Play any Song By Ear.
  6. Test
  7. Certificate



Student,s Review

I would Say Best Guitar Institute In Sahibabad. They Provide Full Efforts Best Part Of MusicGyan Training , Provide Full Practical Knowledge. My Youtube Channel Name- Sunguit (Must Watch)
Sunny Kumar
Guitarist & Vocalist
Varun Sir Provided Best Guitar Class In Sahibabad. Concepts are Very Clear.They Found My Real Talent In Music. Thankyou Musicgyan.
Rajat Chaturvedi
I Learn Both Keyboard & Guitar From Musicgyan. I Simply Feel. Music Is Same Either You Play Keyboard Or Guitar. MusicGyan Provide Best Classes For Both Guitar & Keyboard In Sahibabad.
Ayush Srivastav
Guitarist & Keyboard Player
Who can learn Guitar?
Anyone who is willing to learn.
Musicgyan Benefits
Every person dream is to record their song in a studio, we  provide studio recording when student complete atleast 3 month in our institute at free of cost.
Plus, we provide register, Notes.
Why Guitar Classes In Sahibabad? (Musicgyan)
1.) Provide crash course
2.) Flexible Timings
3.) Backup classes
 Types of Guitar?
Electric Guitar , Acoustic Guitar ,   
Semi acoustic Guitar,
Which Type Of Guitar We Should Buy?
# Begginers always should buy a Acoustic or semi acoustic Guitars.
Difference Between Acoustic Guitar & Semi Acoustic Guitar?
Acoustic Guitar you can play it any where you want, no cabel needed.
Semi acoustic is also like acoustic but their is only one advance feauture in it like u can also plug them in to amplifier.
 How many Days I Need To Learn Guitar?
You can play a good guitar in just 8th classes.
 Where from should I Buy a Guitar?
 Guitar training is an art & our whole trained our students very well. Learn Guitar From Masters.
Guitar is a wood instrument.
We teach guitar in various cities.
Our main branch is in sahibabad.If u need a home tutor than yes We Provide a Home Tutor In Sahibabad, Indirapuram, Gulmohar Greens, Etc.
Sahibabad institute of music.
Musicgyan provide guitar classes in sahibabad from last 5 Years.
 Near By areas rajender nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Shalimar Garden, Shipra Sun City, Mohan Nagar, Airforce, Hindon, Ghaziabad, Vaishali, Vasundara, Anand Vihar, Vivek vihar.
Musicgyan provide keyboard classes also in sahibabad.
If i want to learn guitar , Then must try our demo class.
We are here for you.
Speciall discount for those who want to learn guitar, but they have some financial problem.
Every Year musicgyan teach many students who don,t have money to pay.
Our main Aim is to provide music Knowledge to everyone.
 Learn Music Provide Relaxation. In today,s daily life every one is suffering from some kind of depression.
Music make Them Feel Good.
Why music?
Scientifically proof that the student who learn Guitar has much more icu to the normal student.
More concentration power & more focus.
 Age group?
Any one can learn above 4 Year old.
 What is Lead In Guitar?
When we play a song note by note they know as leads.
What is chords in Guitar?
Chords is a combination of 2 or more notes, Which are played together in a systamatic manner called ‘spelling’.
 Music Institute in Sahibabad , Guitar , Keyboard , Vocals.
 What is Chords Progression?
Chords progression is like When we playing a chord and switch it to another chords they know as chord progression.
What is know as Scales In Guitar?
They are known as scale.