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Learn Advance Music Production Course In Delhi & Ghaziabad.

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 What is Music Production?

Music Production is an art of making music with the help of D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation)

There are Various Types of D.A.W Like Logic Pro x, Ableton Live, Fl Studio, etc.

Music Production Course Include 3 Module.


Music Theory

In Music Theory we will learn about Emotion Of Music, Types OF Emotion, There are many types of emotion like sad, happy, horror, etc.  We will Start With Scales. There are various types Of Scales Major Scales, Minor Scales, Diminished Scale Etc. Every Scale Has its Own Mood.

After Scales we will Start With Chords, You will learn how to make chords like major, minor, diminished, seventh, suspended, etc. After Chords You will Learn About Progressions, Types Of Progression like Tonic, Subdominant, Dominant, X chords, Scale Changer, Uv Chords, etc.


D.A.W ( Digital Audio Workstation)

Digital Audio Workstation Help Us to create Music, You can create any type of music in Software.

There are various Types Of D.A.W Logic Prox, Fl Studio, Ableton Etc. All Sofware work is same what matter is your skills nothing else. In Software, we are going to learn about how all software tools work, how to arrange music in software, how to use piano roll, how to use mixers & Various Types of Plugins, etc.


Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering is like makeup. Suppose Music is ready, After Music We Mix Music So its sound like one track, Mixing is like a backbone of the body without mixing a song is nothing. In mixing you will learn about Eq, Compressors, Limiters & Various Types of Waves Plugin Who will Help In Mixing & Mastering.

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Career After Music Production Course?

There is a lot of option after Music Production like you can open a Recording studio, you can work in a studio, Record jingle & Much more.

Recording Artist

After Music production & sound engineering course, you will be able to get record other songs.

Studio Owner

You can open your studio with small budgets and record other song & you will be charged a good amount to record any song.


you can join any studio & Get a chance to get a good job in a reputed studio.

Youtube Artist

After this Music Production Course, you can record your own song & upload in youtube.

Music Production Course In Delhi & Ghaziabad.

Why Choose MusicGyan?

MusicGyan Provide Best Music Production Classes In Whole Delhi & Ghaziabad. We provide Flexible Timings, our module designs from to make you learn easier.

MusicGyan Academy Of Music Production.

Learn Music Production, Music theory, Software, etc. 

Sound Engineering Course In Delhi.

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